Association of Texas Graduate Schools (ATGS)

Article I

Name: The organization shall be called the Association of Texas Graduate Schools.


Article II

Membership: Membership in the Association is open to member institutions of the Texas Colleges/Universities conducting a graduate program, as well as System Offices of the respective universities. By graduate program is meant any form of graduate instruction leading to a degree normally recognized beyond that of the Bachelor's.

Article III

Aims and purposes: The aims and purposes of the Association shall be the advancement of graduate instruction by providing an opportunity for the discussion and consideration of ideals, aims, and current problems common to the graduate programs in Texas.  The Association is not and accrediting agency and participation in its program is purely voluntary.


Article IV

Officers: The officers for the association shall be a President, President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer, to be elected by the Association.  These three officers and the retiring President of the Association shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The President and President-Elect shall hold office for one year and the Secretary-Treasurer for three years.  Except by unanimous consent of the Association at an annual meeting, the President and President-Elect may not succeed themselves, but the Secretary; Treasurer may succeed her/himself indefinitely.


Article V

Duties of Officers: The duties of the officers shall be such as are normally ascribed to such offices. 

  • The President shall preside at the meeting of the Association and act as Chairperson of the Executive Committee.
  •  The Secretary-Treasurer shall take the minutes, publish the proceedings, and maintain the bank account and records of the Association, as well as pay the expenses incurred by ATGS.
  • The Executive Committee shall fix the time and place of the annual meeting and prepare the program thereof and, in general, act for the Association when it is not in session.  The Executive Committee shall appoint such committees from time to time as it deems advisable for the conduct of the affairs of the Association.  All acts of the Executive Committee shall be subject to revision by the Association.


Article VI

Meetings: The Association shall hold an annual meeting in the fall on such date and location as determined by the Executive Committee.  The President or the Executive Committee is to call other meetings of the Association when such meetings are desirable.

Article VII

Limitation and Voting Power: There shall be no limit to the number of representatives from any one institution participating in the affairs of the Association but all representatives from a single institution shall together have only one vote in the affairs of the association.


Article VIII

Quorum: Those of the membership present at a duly publicized meeting shall constitute a quorum.


Article IX

Finances: Each member institution shall pay an annual membership fee by the time of the annual meeting.  This fee shall be determined by above to the association upon recommendation of the executive committee.  The executive committee may establish a registration fee for each person attending.


Article X

Powers: The actions of the Association are advisory and are expressions of the opinions of the members.  The services of the association are available to any institution upon request, but the association has no jurisdiction over any graduate program.  In carrying out its program of advancing graduate instruction in Texas, the Association shall cooperate to the limit of its powers with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), the Association of Texas Colleges (ATC), the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS), the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC), and any other properly constituted groups connected with SACS-COC.


Article XI

Amendments: The constitution of the Association may be amended at any annual meeting by a two thirds vote of the membership upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, provided member institutions shall receive notice of the proposed amendments at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting.